Child Care State Fact Sheets

Child Care in America Today

Nearly 11 million children under age 5 are in some type of child care setting every week. On average, the children of working mothers spend 35 hours a week in such care and about one-third are in multiple child care arrangements. Parents have a challenge finding child care, affording it, and too often it is of dubious quality. 

Child Care in America: 2011 State Fact Sheets provides information about key indicators that describe child care nationally and in individual states.

  • Data in the first section document the need for and use of child care in the United States today.  
  • In the second section, the individual state child care fact sheets provide information about the number of children in the state and the number of families with low incomes; children younger than age 6 with parents in the labor force; women in the labor force; child care costs and family incomes; child care fee assistance; child care supply; child care demand; child care workforce numbers, training and technical assistance; and the number of CCR&R agencies.

For state by state fact sheets, check out our map.