2013 Day on the Hill Prep

Day on the Hill

April 11, 2013

Child Care Aware of America’s Day on the Hill is April 11, 2013

Day on the Hill Prep Kit:


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“Read Ahead” Materials See Hill Packet Materials and Symposium Session Materials Below.

Policy Related Logistics Related 
2013-2014 Comprehensive Public Policy Agenda  
2013 Agenda-in-Brief  
2013 We Can Do Better One Pager Tips for a Successful Visit
2013 We Can Do Better Executive Summary Map of the House and Senate
Background Check One Pager Senate Door Closures (Sequester Impact)
Background Check Table -- Centers Hill Feedback Form
Background Check Table -- Family Child Care Homes  
Military vs CCDBG Table  
CCDBG One Pager  
Training One Pager  
Inspections One Pager  
Accountability One Pager  
Affordability One Pager    
2012 Leaving Children to Chance    
NAEP Test Scores  
Talking Points (Educational/Non-lobby)  
Summary of child care related legislation 113th Congress  
Parents Magazine Article: Child Care Crisis (December 2012)  


Read-Ahead Materials & Slides for Symposium Sessions

Wednesday AM: (10:30 - Noon)

Equipping a Quality Child Care Workforce



National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP):

Child Care and Early Education: Research Connections

North Carolina Model:

Minnesota Model:

Child Care Aware® of America:

Wednesday AM: (10:30 - Noon)

Disaster Planning, Response & Recovery


  • Cheryl Vincent, Office of Child Care, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • L. Carol Scott, Ph.D., CEO, Child Care Aware of Missouri
  • Paula Koos, Executive Director, Oklahoma Child Care Resource & Referral Association


Child Care Aware® of America:



HHS Information Memorandums:

Save the Children:

  • Save the Children's annual report card on children and disasters:  A National Report Card on Protecting Children During Disasters

Missouri Disaster Recovery:


Wednesday AM (10:30 - Noon)

Family Engagement: Connecting Families with Services and Building Parent Leaders



Strengthening Families Model (Ohio):

Parent Voices Model (California):

Thursday, AM 8:30am - 10:00am

Fact vs. Fiction: State Pre-K and Head Start – Challenges Ahead


  • William Gormley, Ph.D., Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.
  • Yasmina Vinci, Executive Director, National Head Start Association, Washington, D.C.

What Opponents Say:

Heritage Foundation:  Universal Preschool’s Empty Promises

Charles Murray, American Enterprise Institute:

The Shaky Science Behind Obama’s Universal Pre-K

What Supporters Say:

National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER)

Washington Post,  Is Oklahoma the Right Model for Universal Pre-k?

Investing in Kids, Tim Bartik, Responding to the Wall Street Journal’s Criticism of Head Start

Yale University, Edward Zigler Center in Child  Development and Social Policy:

National Head Start Association



Friday AM (8:30 - Noon)

Effectively Advocating Quality Child Care Outside the ECE Community 

Got Message?

Bill Millett, Scope View Strategic Advantage, Message Overview

Friday PM (1:30 - 5:00)

Thought Forum: Alternative Financing to Promote Quality Child Care


  • Panel I:  Tax Initiatives - Louise Stoney, Alliance for Early Childhood Finance, Florida; Geoff Nagle, Ph.D, Tulane University, Louisiana; Jennifer Landrum, Colorado Children's Campaign, Colorado; Brittany Birken, CEO of Florida Children's Services Council, Florida.
  • Panel II: Shared Services - Louise Stoney, Alliance for Early Childhood Finance, Florida; Pam Tatum, CEO of Quality Care for Children, Georgia; Carla Hibbard, Executive Director, Steuben Child Care Project, New York


Shared Services: