When you join Child Care Aware® of America, you help raise the safety and learning standards for the 11 million children in America who need child care.

Whether you are a Child Care Resource and Referral agency (CCR&R), an early education professional, a corporation or an individual, every member helps Child Care Aware® of America remain the nation’s leading voice for child care.

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Here are the categories of membership and how to join.

Membership Categories


Child Care Resource and Referral and State Network Organizations

To qualify for CCR&R membership, the organization must perform one or more of the CCR&R core services. These services include: referring families to child care through a database of available care in the area served, providing consumer education to families, providing training to child care providers, providing technical assistance to child care programs and providers, being engaged in community outreach and engagement to expand supply and improve the quality of child care and working with employers in the community to address the needs of their employees for child care.

State Networks either manage the contracts the CCR&Rs have to provide services funded by the state (and possibly other funders as well) and/or they coordinate the services and provider training, technical assistance and support to the local or regional CCR&Rs.

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Child Care Resource and Referral and State Network Professional Staff

This option is designed for staff that works in a CCR&R organization or a State Network. This gives them a direct connection to Child Care Aware® of America and opportunities to network with others who do similar work across the country through Child Care Aware® of America's social networking opportunities and conferences.

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Nonprofit Organizations and Government Agencies

There are many organizations involved in early care and education that wish to participate in Child Care Aware® of America's programs but are not CCR&Rs. This membership option is designed for them. Child Care Aware® of America's weekly Capitol Connection and e-News provide the most current information and opportunities to be involved.

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Child Care Providers, Students and other Individuals

This option is designed for child care professionals, early childhood education students, parents and any other individuals who want to be involved in Child Care Aware® of America's work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a CCR&R program in a Government agency. Should I purchase this membership or the CCR&R membership?

The CCR&R membership is designed specifically for CCR&R.  Your organization will receive the most benefit by purchasing the CCR&R membership. The Nonprofit/Government membership is no longer less expensive.

Can an organization be a CCR&R when they are not a part of the recognized State Network?

Yes. Sometimes, when an agency is no longer funded by the state and therefore no longer part of the network, they go out of business. Other times they have other sources of funding and continue to provide some and sometimes all of the core services of a CCR&R. While they are not recognized as the state-funded R&R, they still meet the definition and remain eligible for Child Care Aware® of America membership.