What programs are available

Operation Military Child Care (OMCC) and Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN)Inline Image

The OMCC and MCCYN programs provide fee assistance for geographically dispersed Marines and activated Reservists living more than 15 miles from an installation. For additional details, please click here.  

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Wounded Warriors

The Wounded Warrior program provides fee assistance for Active Duty Marines assigned to a Warriors in Transition Unit in order to receive medical treatment on an in-patient or out-patient basis.

Please contact us at 1-800-424-2246 for a sensitive, personal consultation concerning our Wounded Warrior program. 

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Wounded and Fallen Marine Respite Care

USMC Wounded and Fallen Community Based Respite Child Care Program is offered as recognition for the sacrifices made by Marines and their families. Eligible Marine participants will receive up to 16 hours of Respite care per month at no cost for non-regularly scheduled child care. For additional details, please click here.

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