How to apply

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Supporting Documentation Needed

Supporting documentation for proof of eligibility may vary by program. Below is a list of commonly required documentation:

  • Self-Certification form PDF ( 14.68 KB )  for children listed on the application, or a copy of each child’s birth certificate (children eligible for fee assistance must be living in the same household of the military sponsor and be listed as a legal dependent in the sponsor’s DEERS).
  • Spouse/Non-Military Parent information(applies to unmarried parents living in the same household
  • If the spouse/non-military parent is employed, one month's worth of pay stubs with verification that they are working between 16-40 hours per week. If they are unable to provide paystubs due to recent employment, please have their supervisor complete the employment verification form PDF (52.14 KB)for a 60 day approval period, while we wait for the spouse/non-military parent to submit one month’s worth of their paystubs.
  • If the spouse/non-military parent is enrolled in school, a school schedule verifying enrollment with 6-12 credit hours for undergraduate, or 3-9 credits at a graduate level. School schedule must include the student’s name, the school’s name, the number of enrolled credits, and the period of the current semester.
  • A one-time 90 day certification of looking for work approval period may be utilized by the spouse/non-military parent, if they are currently searching for employment. The certification of looking for work form PDF (11.10 KB)must be completed in order to take advantage of the approval period.  
  • LES for all Service Members activated to full time duty. A current copy of the Service Member’s LES dated within the past 90 days will be required.
  • Military orders for all Service Members activated to full time duty from the Reserves, as well as all applicants eligible for the OMCC program.
  • SF-50 for all Navy Civilians in the state of Washington assigned to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. Please supply your current year SF-50 form.
  • Military Installation Information Request form for MCCYN eligible families living within 15 miles or 20 minutes of on-installation child care.  All MCCYN families that reside within 15 miles or 20 minutes of a base of their branch of servicemust be on the installation’s waitlist for on-base child care. If you have denied a spot within the past 12 months for either a base-sponsored Child Development Center or Child Development Home, you will not be eligible for fee assistance.  Your application will not be processed until this form PDF (47.32 KB)has been completed and received. (Additional requirements may be requested depending on your residing state)

Please note that you will have 90 days from the date in which your application is submitted to complete your application (including all your required supporting documents) and meet all eligibility program requirements. If your application is not completed within 90 days of your initial submission, then you may not be eligible for any retro-active subsidy payments and your application may be subject to deactivation.This program is not an entitlement program and is subject to the availability of funds, which may be discontinued at any time.

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If you are unable to apply online, you can download a copy of the Parent Fee Assistance Application here PDF ( 177.79 KB )

Frequently Requested Forms

Para documentos en español, por favor haga clic aquí. 

Change of Provider Form ( 56.21 KB )

Information Change Request Form ( 51.46 KB )

Spouse Employment Verification Form ( 52.14 KB )

Spouse Looking for Work Form ( 11.1 KB )

Military Installation Information Request Form ( 47.32 KB )

Provider Fee Assistance Application ( 219.92 KB ) (only required for Providers who have not previously participated)

Provider W-9 ( 70.66 KB )

EIN Instructions ( 625.78 KB )

Provider Rate Verification Form ( 75.38 KB )

Provider Change of Information Request ( 69.02 KB )