Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Respite Care


What is Navy EFMP Respite Care?

This program is a partnership between the U.S. Navy and NACCRRA and is specifically designed for Navy families who have children identified as Exceptional Family Members (EFM), category IV or V. This includes exceptional family members whose medical condition requires assignment near major medical facilities in the continental United States, or whose needs are complex and specialized requiring continuity of care.

EFMP Respite Care will help Navy families with children with special needs by providing 40 hours of respite care per month so they can leave the house, go to an appointment, or just rest, while knowing that their child is well cared for.

Where is the program available?Inline Image

Qualified Sailors stationed throughout the United States.

    What is included in Navy EFMP Respite Care?

    • 40 hours per month
    • No cost to eligible families

    Who is eligible for EFMP Respite Care?

    Navy families will be eligible for the EFMP Respite Care if the following criteria have been met:

    • The family is enrolled in the Navy’s Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and the EFM child is age birth through 18 years and category IV or V.
    • For Navy Active Duty and Reserve on Active Duty, children must reside with Service Member.
    • The sibling(s), ages birth through 12

    Where should I call?

    Call Child Care Aware® toll-free at 1-800-424-2246.

    What do I need to apply?

    Once eligibility has been confirmed, Child Care Aware® will connect the family with the local agency administering the Navy EFMP Respite Care. This agency will work individually with each family to complete the necessary application and assist with connecting the family to a respite care provider that will meet their needs.

    Inline ImageHow long does it take?

    The process is individualized for each family. The agency will meet with the family to complete the initial paperwork. The agency and family will work together to identify potential respite care providers. The family will interview each provider to determine which provider(s) will best meet their needs. Once a provider is selected and the agency notified, the family can begin using their respite care.