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'Supporting young learners is a sound investment'

October 28, 2013

Child Care Aware® of America Executive Director Lynette M. Fraga, Ph.D., has taken a stand in support of quality early education and child care settings in response to an Oct. 17 editorial in The Wall Street Journal.

In the editorial, “The ‘Universal Pre-K Fallacy,’” Red Jahncke contends that pre-K programs are “of negligible educational value” and provide “parents with free day care under the guise of education.” Jahncke is president of the Townsend Group, a management consulting firm.

In her rebuttal, Fraga cites studies that show the long-term benefits of preschool. “Undisputed is the tremendous brain growth and development that science shows us occurs in the first years of life,” she says. “Supporting young learners today is a sound investment for the future.”

To read Fraga’s complete response, visit her blog, Early Directions.