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April 23, 2013is moderatedlivejudy.francis
April 23, 2013in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
April 23, 2013livein moderationAnonymousupdated for WCDB stats. please post. thanks. GR
August 20, 2012is moderatedliveAnonymous
August 20, 2012in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
August 20, 2012livein moderationAnonymousremoved naccrra. please post. we may need to discuss this after it goes live. check with me. thanks. GR
April 16, 2012is moderatedliveAnonymous
April 16, 2012in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
April 14, 2012livein moderationAnonymousupdated background checks and colors
April 13, 2012is moderatedliveAnonymous
April 12, 2012in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
April 12, 2012livein moderationAnonymous
March 21, 2012is moderatedliveAnonymous
March 19, 2012in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
March 18, 2012livein moderationAnonymousAs I look at the comments below, the old problem is back. When I look at the document in edit mode, the link appears but not the PDF graphic. When I look at it in saved mode, the pdf graphic appears. I don't really care, but I can't edit something I can't see so I am flagging it. The links work.
November 7, 2011is moderatedliveAnonymous
November 7, 2011in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
November 5, 2011livein moderationAnonymousabout child care, state licensing, this is the NACCRRA Activities landing page
October 29, 2011is moderatedliveAnonymous
October 13, 2011in moderationis moderatedAnonymous