Parents' Perceptions of Child Care (2009)

Parents' Perceptions of Child Care in the United States:

NACCRRA's National Parent Poll

In November 2008, NACCRRA conducted a nationwide poll of more than 1,000 parents with young children to better understand what they consider when they are looking for child care, what they expect and want from child care, and what barriers they face in obtaining high-quality child care.

Our new report reveals that, more than any other aspect of child care, parents are concerned about its quality. Parents want their children to be safe. They want their children to be learning. Affordability or cost was the next biggest concern.

Moreover, the majority of parents logically assume that standards are in place in child care programs to ensure that children are safe. Parents overwhelmingly think that caregivers are trained in child development and safety and undergo a background check, and that child care programs are inspected. This is simply not true in too many states.

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