Don't Cut Child Care Campaign

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October 26, 2012livein moderationAnonymousupdated to the work I did last Saturday. Queue timing problem. Please post asap since current content is out of date. thanks. GR
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October 23, 2012livein moderationAnonymousThe following documents have been updated and replaced (edits include adding new CCAA logo and changing 'NACCRRA' to 'Child Care Aware of America'): Budget Overview Guide to Contacting Policymakers Budget Talking Points Social Networking Guide Please verify and push live. Thanks!
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October 21, 2012livein moderationAnonymousupdated tp. please post. thanks. GR
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August 13, 2012in draftin moderationAnonymousTheresa, we don't have a don't cut child care letter right now. I changed the link to the action center list of letters. Not sure what I'm going to do with this page, but for the moment, you need to post this because the current page that is live does not have a working link at all (on contacting congress about not cutting child care). This is not an issue to be resolved in the next few weeks so I'm not fixing it (writing a letter) tonight. We will need to reshape the content but it's linked to a bunch of other things so we need to at least have a working link to the action center letter which is what this page now offers.
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August 12, 2012livein moderationAnonymousupdated fact sheet link. please post. thanks. GR
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June 27, 2012livein moderationAnonymousplease post. town halls updated. thanks.
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April 14, 2012livein moderationAnonymouschanged the colors in the table