2013 Symposium Related Webinars

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March 29, 2013is moderatedlivejudy.francis
March 29, 2013in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
March 28, 2013livein moderationAnonymousupdated today's webinar. Please post. We need to get an email out about this. Thanks. GR
March 18, 2013is moderatedlivejudy.francis
March 18, 2013in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
March 15, 2013livein moderationAnonymousThe next week's webinar (ESEA--March 21) was moved to the top of the list and this week's webinar (Federal Budget--March 14) was archived. Please verify and push live. Thank you!
March 12, 2013is moderatedlivejudy.francis
March 12, 2013in moderationis moderatedAnonymous
March 12, 2013livein moderationAnonymousLast week's Symposium @ Your Fingertips webinar was moved to the bottom and this week's webinar is now listed first. Please verify and push live.
March 5, 2013is moderatedliveAnonymous
March 5, 2013in draftis moderatedAnonymous
March 5, 2013(creation)in draftAnonymous