Naccrra Announcement for - Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 23, 2009

NACCRRA announces the release of NACCRRAware v3.9.2. This version is available for NACCRRAware Legacy software local installs and includes the following highlighted features:

  • Built-in mailing label creation
  • Additional provider shift page - provider records have the capacity to store four shift pages
  • Ability to hide unused age groups in rate and capacity tables
  • Referral printout enhancements including option to select specific referrals for the printout and email printout
  • IMM enhancements: additional fields for Search and Results, No Previous Referrals option, City and County drop down lists
  • Community Search and Replace utility
  • Updated Milonic menu system
  • Various bug fixes
  • Backend software updates (Java, MySQL, Tomcat and Apache) to take advantage of newer technologies

In order to download the latest NACCRRAware local installation and related documentation an agency must have purchased and maintained a NACCRRAware license agreement, be a current NACCRRA member, all NACCRRAware-related fees paid for the last two years and a local installation deployed prior to January 1, 2008. To download the legacy NACCRRAware local installation, please review the Procedures for the Legacy NACCRRAware v3.9.2 Local Installation document on our Forms page. To verify that your agency's membership and fees are current, please contact Membership Services at (703) 341-4190.

For assistance with installation or questions on this new release, please contact the NACCRRAware Help Desk via phone: (866) 789-7590 or email: