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Tell Us Your Story about Child Care - Your Voice Can Make a Difference

Parent stories about their experiences with child care can have a huge impact with regard to policy decisions. For example, your stories can help policymakers understand that they need to work to make child care more affordable or that the quality of child care needs to be improved. Your voice makes a difference in the safety, quality and affordability of child care. Using the below form, please tell us your child care story.

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NACCRRA is requesting permission to print, re-use, reproduce or otherwise publish your material in electronic as well as print format in our publications including but not limited to reports, periodicals, articles, Congressional briefs and testimony, NACCRRA websites, letters and Op-Ed opinions. If you are willing to grant NACCRRA permission to use your material, proper attribution will be given as indicated below. To grant permission, please type your name in the signature space listed below.