Pricing Schedule

Pricing Schedule

Updated June 1, 2014

Licensing and Usage Requirements

Each and every organization accessing or using NACCRRA's Suite of Data Services:

  • Must be a current member of Child Care Aware® of America in good standing
  • Must maintain a separate license agreement
  • Must keep their licensing, hosting, and/or storage requirements current for the last two years

An individual organization is defined by their Federal Identification Number (FEIN).

Pricing Schedule


One Time Fees (for new organizations only)

Service Description Non CCR&R Members CCR&R Members
NACCRRA Data Services License Fee

Includes all costs for license, hosting, and storage fees the first program year
$4312 $3080
License Reactivation Fee (up to two years)

Assessed if Licensee has not paid Annual License Fee in the past two program years
$1960 $1400


Program Year Annual Fees (for existing organizations using NACCRRAware)

Service Description Non CCR&R Members CCR&R Members
Annual License Fee: (from July 1 until June 30)

Includes annual upgrade fees for all applications

Includes unlimited basic technical support
$1960 $1400


  • Hosting Fees* (based on active and inactive provider records across all applications):


Provider Record Count Non CCR&R Members CCR&R Members
Up to 500 Providers $1,058 $756
Up to 1,000 Providers $1,332 $952
Up to 2,500 Providers $1,568 $1,120
Up to 5,000 Providers $2,038 $1,456
Up to 7,500 Providers $2,822 $2,016
Up to 10,000 Providers $3,606 $2,576
Up to 12,500 Providers $4,390 $3,136
Up to 15,000 Providers $5,174 $3,696
Upto to 17,500 Providers $5,985 $4,256
Upto to 20,000 Providers $6,742 $4,816
Upto to 22,500 Providers $7,526 $5,376
Upto to 25,000 Providers $8,310 $5,936
Over 25,500 Providers $9,121 $6,515

  • Storage Fees* (based on total active, inactive and pending provider, client, community, and trainer records in the system):

Record Count Non CCR&R Members CCR&R Members
Each 15,000 records $784 $560


* Based on the number of records recorded in the system on April 1st of each year.

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing schedule for the legacy NACCRRAware Local Installation was terminated as of July 2011. Please contact the Help Desk for further information.