Disaster Planning & Recovery Basics

Disaster Planning and Recovery Basics

With nearly 11 million children under the age of 5 in some kind of child care setting every week, it is critical that child care providers, parents of children in child care, and emergency planners at all levels, work together to ensure that child care settings are prepared in the event of a disaster.  Child Care Aware® of America works with partners on these nationwide efforts to:

  • Train providers and inform parents, and partner with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure that child care providers have a plan; and
  • Raise awareness and promote effective policies to ensure that children are safe before, during, and after a disaster and that child care is considered in each community as part of rebuilding efforts after a disaster has occurred.

Disaster Policy Recommendations for National, State, and Local policymakers:

  • Keeping Children Safe: A Policy Agenda for Child Care in Emergencies   ( 3.23 MB )  
    In November 2007,  Child Care Aware® of America brought together 22 agencies and organizations in New Orleans, Louisiana, to plan a nationwide campaign to ensure that child care is no longer an afterthought in a time of crisis. The collective experience and knowledge of participants led to a series of federal, state, and local recommendations. 

National Commission on Children and Disasters

Over a period of two years, the Commission examined the needs of children independently, and in relation to the preparation, response and recovery from all emergencies, hazards and disasters.

Child Care Aware® of America was involved in the creation and ongoing operations of the Commission, including representation on the Commission subcommittee examining how child care needs to be involved before, during, and after disasters.  While the Commission’s report was issued in 2010, we continue to work with a national coalition to have a unified children’s voice representing the needs of children related to disasters.

  • The National Commission on Children and Disasters 2010 Report to the President and Congress   ( 1.15 MB )

For more information about the Commission, visit the Commission's website.

Child Care Aware® of America Resources for the Field

Additional Resources and Information:

  • Save the Children's annual report card on children and disasters:  A National Report Card on Protecting Children During Disasters.
    Thousands of child care programs in 27 states are not required to specifically account for infants, toddlers or children with disabilities or those with access and functional needs in their disaster preparedness plans, according to a new national survey by Save the Children. The fifth annual National Report Card on Protecting Children During Disasters grades all 50 states and the District of Columbia on four basic disaster preparedness and safety standards for children in child care and schools.

TAKE ACTION! Urge Your Members of Congress to address child care program disaster preparedness as part of the reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG).  Send your Members of Congress a letter today!