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Child Care Aware of America Publications

Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2013 Report November 3, 2013
Child Care in America: 2013 August 28, 2013
Capitol Connection Guidebook 113th Congress, 1st Session, A Congressional... April 7, 2013
We Can Do Better: 2013 Update: Child Care Aware® of America’s Ranking of... April 5, 2013
Effective Inspection Policies Promote Children’s Safety and Healthy... September 23, 2012
Child Care Subsidy Policy: Access to What? September 23, 2012
Why Aren't We Outraged? Children Dying in Child Care Across America September 23, 2012
Parent Services Spearheaded by Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies September 23, 2012
Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2012 Report August 14, 2012
Background Checks: It is Time to Protect Children in Child Care July 15, 2012
Child Care in America: 2012 State Fact Sheets June 23, 2012
Child Care Training and Technical Assistance: Improving the Quality of... April 25, 2012
Leaving Children to Chance: 2012 Update March 13, 2012
Capitol Connection Guidebook 112th Congress, 2nd Session: A Congressional... February 19, 2012
Emergency Preparedness for Child Care: A How-to Guide December 9, 2011
Child Care: Like the Military, Is It Time for Shared Responsibility? October 6, 2011
State Budget Cuts: America’s Kids Pay the Price, 2011 Update October 2, 2011
The Economy’s Impact on Parents’ Choices and Perceptions about Child Care September 13, 2011
Early Childhood Education Professional Development: Training and Technical... September 11, 2011
Is Your Child Care Program Ready? A Disaster Planning Guide for Child Care... September 9, 2011
Child Care in America: 2011 State Fact Sheets August 11, 2011
Promoting Healthy Practices in Child Care Centers July 27, 2011
We Can Do Better: 2011 Update: NACCRRA’s Ranking of State Child Care... March 10, 2011
Capitol Connection Guidebook 112th Congress: A Congressional Resource... March 1, 2011
The Thorman Strategy Group Evaluation of the 40-Hour Initial Pre-Service... January 20, 2011
Protecting Children in Child Care During Emergencies December 7, 2010
Child Care in America: Parents' Perspectives March 3, 2010
State Budget Cuts: America’s Kids Pay the Price January 14, 2010
Comparison of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) with... August 16, 2009
Parents' Perceptions of Child Care in the United States: NACCRRA... February 4, 2009
Unequal Opportunities for Preschoolers: Differing Standards for Licensed... January 30, 2009
Making Quality Child Care Possible: Lessons Learned from NACCRRA's... November 13, 2008
Opening the Door to Quality: Home September 29, 2008
Grandparents: A Critical Child Care Safety Net September 27, 2008
Opening the Door to Quality: Center September 27, 2008
Keeping Children Safe: A Policy Agenda for Child Care in Emergencies July 18, 2008
What Do Parents Think About Child Care? Findings from a Series of Focus... April 29, 2008
Latino Parents’ Perception of Child Care in the United States March 22, 2008
Covering the Map: Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies Providing... March 8, 2008
Fire Safety: Steps to Quality: A Guide for CCR&Rs to Assist Child Care... September 29, 2007
Health Practices, Steps to Quality: A Guide for CCR&Rs to Assist Child... September 28, 2007
Knowledge Into Practice: NACCRRA’s Survey of Child Care Resource &... July 7, 2007
Air Force/NACCRRA January 19, 2007
NACCRRA's National Survey of Child Care Resource and Referral Training January 5, 2007
Answering the Call: A Guide to Providing High-Quality Consumer Education... September 29, 2006
Child Care in 13 Economically Disadvantaged Communities September 27, 2006
Nurturing Children After Natural Disasters September 27, 2006
What’s the Plan? Ask Your Child Care Provider Before A Disaster September 26, 2006
Is This the Right Place for My Child? 38 Research-Based Indicators of High... September 25, 2006
What’s the Plan?: Ask Your Child Care Provider Before A Disaster April 29, 2006
Guide to Using Data and Research for Non-Researchers March 2, 2006
Brochure: About NACCRRA January 20, 2006
Functional Cost Analyses of State Child Care Resource and Referral Systems September 24, 2004