We Can Do Better: 2013 Update: Child Care Aware® of America’s Ranking of State Child Care Center Regulation and Oversight

April 5, 2013
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Each week, nearly than 11 million children younger than age 5 are in some type of child care setting for an average of 35 hours. State child care licensing requirements govern the health, safety and learning opportunities for these children. State oversight requirements monitor compliance with state policies. We Can Do Better: 2013 Update is the fourth in a series of reports beginning in 2007 that scores and ranks the states, including the District of Columbia and the Department of Defense (DoD) on 11 program requirements and four oversight benchmarks for child care centers. Child Care Aware® of America’s update found that states have made progress but more progress is needed. The average score in 2013 was 92 out of a possible 150 points (compared to 70 in 2007, 83 in 2009 and 87 in 2011). Using a standard grading scale, no state earned an “A.” Only DoD earned a “B.” Ten states earned a “C.” Twenty-one states earned a “D,” and the remaining 20 states earned a score of 60 or less, a failing grade. While we should be pleased with the improvement among the states since 2007, an 92 equates to a score of 61 percent, a grade of D for many school children.

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